I’m Back After an Interruption From Real Life

Those who follow this blog may have noticed I haven’t posted any new material in months. There’s a good reason. I was in the throes of a prolonged job search and career transition that consumed much of my time. At the same time, I was holding down a full-time job with numerous responsibilities.

Given these demands on my time, I had to prioritize. Of my two writing priorities, my work-in-progress took precedence over my blog. I managed during my career upheaval to add about 30,000 words to my novel-in-progress. My word count is up to 88,000 and I am headed toward the finish line.

Sadly, my blogging output the past few months is at zero words. Blogging about fiction writing is important to me. I view it as an integral part of my self-development as a writer. I use my blog to pass along lessons learned to new fiction writers, but it serves a more significant purpose. I also use my blog to reflect on my experience and explore topics related to fiction writing.

I’ve noticed that a number of prolific bloggers have burned out in recent years. They either lost that fire in the belly or perhaps they had written everything they had intended to say. I vowed to not let that happen to me and, yet, I have rarely blogged since the beginning of 2017. That is something I intend to change.

My career situation has resolved itself. A huge weight is gone now. For better or worse, I plan to return to a regular schedule of blog posts for the rest of this year and beyond.




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4 responses to “I’m Back After an Interruption From Real Life

  1. Glad you’re back! Life outside our words is greedy, isn’t it? But managing to get up to 88K is no mean feat even without a job + job-hunt. I salute your fortitude, your priorities, and your resolve… while looking forward to more posts this year.

    Peace, Mari

  2. It is good to hear from you again.

  3. I’m so glad you are back *smiling*

    Congratulations on the job front, and on your novel progress!

    I’m one of those who has let her blog lapse so much, but so has my writing – sooooo -well, dang! And I really enjoy writing my blog – it combines interests I have of science and the universe and solar system and writing and life-crud. laugh.

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