Small Change
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Every family has secrets. Family secrets are at the heart of C.G. Blake’s first novel, Small Change. The Sykowskis, from the Chicago suburbs, and the Crandales, from rural Iowa, meet at a Wisconsin lake resort. The two families grow close over the years until a stunning secret threatens to break their bonds.



6 responses to “Books/WIP

  1. John J Mazzucchi

    Chris, best of luck with your new novel. keep me posted on Facebook when and where we can purchase it.
    Take Care,
    John Mazzucchi

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  3. Myke Britt

    Congratulations on your book, will you be posting some teasers from it on your site?

    • Myke,
      Thanks for your comment. I am still in the early stages of revisions to my second novel. I am hoping to have a draft ready to send to s book editor by the end of the year, but that is an aggressive schedule. I usually don’t post material from works-in-progress because I believe if it is not my best and most complete work I don’t want it out in the public domain. Thanks again for stopping by.

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