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  1. Jerry Boling

    Not knowing how to disseminate the following information for novelists, I turn to you hoping that you can reach the widest audience.

    My wife and I are finding an inordinate number of writers who have scenes in their novels that on moonless nights a character relies on starlight to find the way. My wife and I grew up in very small towns in the 1950s and had relatives who lived in the country away from any significant light pollution. We played outdoors during the summer and on moonless nights we could see nothing that wasn’t lit by some artificial light. We had an expression that we said and heard often. It was: “You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.” This was not a statement that you had difficulty seeing, but that you literally couldn’t see anything.

    Please check this out and send to anyone who might be able to reach novelists.

    You might start with the following link.

    Jerry Boling

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