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Book Review: The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression

A major challenge I face in my work-in-progress is to convey the emotions of my main character in an effective way. Discussions with my critique partners led me to discover a great resource, The Emotion Thesaurus, by authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.

Writers often make the mistake of telling the reader how a character feels, rather than showing the reader. For example, “Mary was sad,” does nothing to make the reader feel what she is feeling. The writer is simply telling us how Mary feels. The goal should be to write emotion so that the reader is in the character’s skin and feels what she is feeling.

The Emotion Thesaurus breaks down each emotion into three categories: physical signs (how our bodies outwardly respond to an emotion), mental responses (the thought process that corresponds with an emotional experience), and internal sensations (the most powerful form of non-verbal communication, the visceral reactions to emotion).

“All successful novels, no matter what genre, have one thing in common: emotion,” Ackerman and Puglisi write. “It lies at the core of every character’s decision, action, and word, all of which drive the story.”

After a helpful introduction that explains how it should be used, the book takes 75 emotions and, for each one, it lists physical (body language) cues, thoughts, and visceral responses associated with that emotion.

The authors caution that showing emotions is a tricky balancing act between showing too little and showing too much. They also say writers must be cognizant to not over-rely on dialogue or internal thoughts or physical descriptions.

They urge writers to identify the root emotion a character is experiencing and to utilize the setting as well.

There are also writing tips at the end of each of the 75 emotion sections.

The value of this book, as the authors state, is that it will “help writers brainstorm unique ways to express character emotions.” In the e-book edition, each emotion listed in the Table of Contents has a link to where that emotion appears in the book, making it easy to navigate.

I am confident that The Emoltion Thesaurus will help me to bring out emotion in a more powerful way.



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